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Christina's World

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Guest artist: Yuergen Renner - drums

Lying on a carpet of gold, rolling away as far as your eyes can see,
So quiet and peaceful; in all of your world, your favorite place to be
Gentle breeze caressing your hair,
Smell of the grass in the autumn air
Precious moments so sweet and so rare
In Christina’s world

Wake up in the morning; drag your lifeless legs across the floor
What will the day bring, perhaps, a visit from the painter next door,
With his case of brushes and hues?
He the artist, you the muse,
Capturing the greens and the browns and the blues
Of Christina’s world

Who needs wheels when a body has wings
To soar like an eagle?
Real or imagined, to you, they’re the very same thing

If your spirit is strong, in your mind, there is no place you cannot roam
Yet in all of the world, there really is no place quite like home
Trade the crowds and the noise of the city
For wide, open country, serene and so pretty
And no room for remorse or self-pity
In Christina’s world

Copr. 2021, Eugene Allan Schwimmer